History Of The Feasterville Business Association 

On June 15, 1949, 11 Feasterville businessmen met at The Buck Hotel, located at at 1200 Buck Road for the purpose of forming an organization to improve the community. These 11 men voted to establish a new organization to be known as the Feasterville Businessmen’s Association.

After numerous debates and two secret ballots, the founding fathers voted to assess each person joining an initiation fee of $2.50. Although the minutes disclose that each of the 11 present paid the fee, someone there was a slacker since the evening’s collection totaled $25.00.

The initial concerns at the organizational meeting were traffic lights at Buck Road and Langhorne Pike and Street Road and Bustleton Pike, the improvement of Bustleton Pike and other state roads, better bus service and improvement of conditions in Feasterville. The founding fathers decreed that no political or religious discussions would take place during meetings.

A second meeting on July 20, 1949 brought eight new members and the first election of officers. Aleck McLean was elected president, George Jamison, vice president, Bill Karsh, secretary and in the only contested election, Sam Mirabello nosed out Clare Vitalie by two votes for treasurer. Annual dues were fixed at $5.00 and a Halloween party and more fire hydrants were identified as projects.

The Association in 1949 set the following goals: push for a traffic light at Bustleton Pike and Street Road, both two lane blacktop highways; improve the state highway system; secure good bus service; bring a commercial bank to the community, add additional fire hydrants and plan for a 4th of July parade.

In 1950, the Association met with representatives of the state highway department and the first 4th of July parade was held. Lou Dreeman and Al Mann formed the Feasterville Band which eventually became the Tri-State Band and a petition was filed with the township supervisors for a single policeman, This petition was refused in November.

In 1952, the Association pushed for the establishment of a new Feasterville Post Office replacing the one located in the Feaster house and the post office was relocated to Bustleton Pike east of Street Road. A drive to bring public water and sewer was spearheaded by the FBMA in 1953.

In 1954, the Peoples National Bank of Langhorne opened the first bank in Feasterville. Through mergers, this bank became Central Penn National Bank, then Meridian Bank, Core States and First Union.

In 1955, a Christmas decoration contest was established with Doc Williams at the helm. In 1956, the township library opened in the basement of the old Feasterville School, now demolished.

The year 1958 brought Bell Telephone directories, placing this area in the Lower Bucks directory rather than the Eastern Montgomery County district.

In 1966, State Senator Marvin Keller presented two scholarship awards sponsored by the Feasterville Businessmen’s Association. For the next two years the FBMA provided scholarships totaling $3,000. In 1967, Charlie Hall, an avid Flyers’ fan arranged for a trip to The Spectrum in South Philadelphia to see the Flyers play, but the trip had to be cancelled when high winds ripped the roof off The Spectrum. Hall did arrange for two other trips to Flyers’ games after the Spectrum roof was repaired.

In 1969, the FBMA held its first winter frolic at The Buck Hotel with 350 people in attendance. The first Man Of The Year Award was presented to James C, Greenwood, father of a future Congressman for his dedication and services to the Trevose Heights Rescue Squad. In 1970, the Person Of The Year Award was bestowed upon the first woman, Ellen Moorhead, the guiding light of The Lower Southampton Teens. In 1974,
the FBMA celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The Bucks County Courts granted the Association a non-profit corporation charter on March 20, 1978. That year, the FBMA disbanded the home Christmas decoration contest and utilized the prize money for Christmas baskets for the needy.

In 1983, the FBMA admitted Shirley Langel Rocco as its first woman member. The Association has since become known as The Feasterville Business Association (FBA).

The Association in later years organized and ran the annual Easter egg hunt and furnished park benches throughout the township for the public. Gabe and Eleanor Vinokur purchased vests for the township police department. The Association, spearheaded by Bill Benz also raised $7,700 to place Christmas lighting on Bustleton Pike and continued this practice for many years thereafter.

Under the leadership of Charlie Howlett, the Association took on the responsibility for cleaning up Bustleton Pike each year prior to the July 4th parade.

The Association has established a scholarship committee which annually grants college scholarships to two  deserving high school students. The scholarship awards are presented in the name of the late Edward W.Langel, a past president. At this time the scholarships are being underwritten through money raised at the annual charity golf outing.

 The Association under the direction of Bernie Mannix, organized a golf outing with proceeds donated to area charities and communal endeavors. Some of the early recipients have been the Tri-Hampton Rescue Squad, A Women’s Place, Libertae, Network of Victim’s Assistance (NOVA) and The Friends of the Southampton Library, among others. In 1999, the Feasterville Business Association celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since its inception, the golf outing has raised some $260,000 for area charitable and communal endeavors, the annual Easter Egg Hunt and college scholarships.

    From 1999 forward under the leadership of a variety of presidents the FBA continued to grow and fulfill it’s mission to foster and encourage growth for the betterment of the community. Those exemplary leaders include, Dominic A. DiPillo, Michael J. Hughes, Jane E. Ward, Edward (Duke) Donnelly, Margaret Frederick, Don Rubin, Rita Bryan, Bruce Diamond, Edward MacConnell, Diane Fetscher, Katrina Piotroski, Ray Greenberg, Dennis Markowitz, Ted Hauptman, Rose McMenamin, Stu Coren, William Wiegman, Jr. and Karen Madotto. The FBA’s Person of the Year presented at its annual frolic continues to be a popular venue which calls attention to a member who has demonstrated leadership and support to the association and the community at large. Former FBA president and past award recipient Ed Shannon continues to head the person of the year selection committee, while Karen Madotto, Larry Laiken, Don Rubin and Rose McMenamin have chaired the annual frolic for the past several years The annual golf outing, now the major funding source for the FBA’s annual college scholarship grants and donations to a variety charities and communal organizations continues to thrive under the direction of Ed Shannon, Mike Wielehowski, Dan Maggiani and other dedicated golf committee volunteers. The annual Red Cross blood drive chaired by Jane Ward, the Easter Egg Hunt directed by Linda Pupkiewicz , Blue Light Holiday Tree Lighting under the direction of Mike Hughes and Jane Ward, and the Lower Southampton Township July 4th Parade, overseen by Ed Shannon all continue to be integral parts of the FBA’s yearly programming. A special permanent flag display sponsored by the FBA to honor area military heroes serving around the world has been erected in the Lower Southampton Township Building’s board of supervisors meeting room. Mike Hughes and Mike Wielehowski spearheaded the effort to get this accomplished. The summer outing allows members an opportunity to socialize and enjoy a relaxing warm weather break. The general membership continues to conduct a networking and dinner business meeting the first Wednesday of each month. The meeting also features a guest speaker. While the location for the meetings has shifted over the years, they are currently being held at Brookside Manor at Somerton Springs located at 50 Bustleton Pike in Feasterville, PA. The FBA’s executive committee currently meets just prior to the networking and general membership meetings to address and review issues related to the organization. The FBA is celebrating its 68st anniversary in 2017.

Compiled from a history by the late E. Dillwyn Darlington with additions and updates by Stu Coren.

Past Presidents

1949-1951- Aleck McLean*
1952-1953 – Vernon D. Platt*
1954-1955-Sam Mirabello*
1956- Morris Ferguson*
1957-Dr. Robert L. Williams*
1958-Robert Copeland
1959- Richard Haase*
1960-James C. Greenwood*
1961-William J. Richmond*
1962-Dr. Joseph Gurwood*
1963- Hobbs Waltz*
1964 – Robert Quider
1965- Charles H. Hall
1966- Camil A. Stroh*
1967- John Doorley*
1968- Richard J. Habgood, Esq.
1969- James Showalter*
1970-Charles Coppens
1971- Dr. Robert L. Williams*
1972- Dr. Barry Platt
1973-James Shaffer*
1974-Russell W. Tomlinson*
1975- John Milne
1976- Francis Tyrol*
1977- Hon. Daniel J. Lawler
1978- Edward F. Collins, Sr.
1979-Milton Law
1980 -Daniel F. Maloney
1981-Francis Tyrol*
1982 – Irv Goldstein
1983-E. Dillwyn Darlington, Esq.*
1984 -Martin Mathews
1985-Edward Langel*
1986-Robert G. Stasche
1987-Gabriel R. Vinokur
1988-John Brinkman*
1989 – Kathleen Goldhahn
1990 – Carl M. Cimino
1991-Charles Howlett
1992-William J. Benz, Esq.
1993-Dr. Daniel F. Lavanga
1994-Carl M. Cimino
1995-Bernie P. Mannix*
1996-Edward M. Shannon
1997-Margaret D. Lachat-Murphy
1998-Alan Director
1999- Domenic A. DiPillo
2000-Michael J. Hughes
2001-Jane E. Ward
2002.-Edward J. Donnelly
2003-Don G. Rubin
2004-Margaret Frederick
2005-Rita Bryan
2006-Rita Bryan
2007-Bruce Diamond
2008-Edward MacConnell
2009.-Diane Fetscher
2010- Katrina Piotroski
2011-Dennis Markowitz
2012-Ray Greenberg
2013-Ted Hauptman
2014- Rose McMenamin
2015-Stu Coren
2016-Bill Weigman Jr
2017-Karen Madotto
​2018-Rick Tyrrell

2019- Charles A. Roman

2020-2021-Fran Mishinkash